Red dog collars: always the right choice for your dog

Many of us have an outfit, suitable for every occasion – for our four-legged friends, this outfit is the red dog collar. 

DoggoCollars collars are not only durable, ergonomic, reliable and eco-friendly, they are also stylish and we offer a variety of colours to choose from and find the best ones for your dog. 

You are already familiar with our DoggoCollar pink line, in this blog post, we will tell you more about red collars and why your dog should absolutely have one.

The colour red

Red is one of the colours with the richest history and various meanings, it is also probably the most ambivalent. It is at the same time associated with love and war, but between those two extremes, there are many nuances.

From aggression, excitement, energy, passion through dominance and power to romance and health – the only certain thing about the red dye is that it is vigorous, lively, but never boring. It is a colour that brings out the best facial features in people when worn, making them more attractive. 

In some cultures, red is associated with health and prosperity – there is a tradition where an older person ties a red thread on a younger individual’s wrist for good luck and protection from bad spirits. A red collar can be the red thread for your pet dog!

One colour for small, medium and large dogs

Many dog owners choose red for the first collar of their dog – maybe because pop culture has done its part in establishing this colour as stylish or maybe it just looks good.

No matter if your dog is brown, white, black or blond, red will always underline his/her best qualities, overloading the cuteness and red accessories will always be in style.

If you are wondering what pet collar to get for your new pup – a red DoggoCollar collar is a marvellous choice that will make your dog even more cuter!

Scientific research showed that colour can influence a human’s emotions and mood. If you choose a colour for your dog collar that soothes you, the everyday walks will have an even better effect on you and your emotional health. Red is a bright colour that evokes a lot of emotions and memories in some people, it can be the perfect addition to your morning jog with your dog – you will feel great, filled with energy and in the same time your dog will look astonishing.

The high-quality DoggoCollar collars are adjustable and are suitable for all kinds of dogs – no matter if you have a Chihuahua or a newborn Golden Retriever, you can equip them with a fashionable red collar. 

Small dogs have a tendency of getting out of their collars – with DoggoCollar you will not have to worry about this because you can adjust the length of the collar making it the right size for your little companion.

If you adopted a dog and you don’t know how big it is going to get, DoggoCollar dog collars are the perfect choice because you can adjust them suiting him/her perfectly throughout the years.

The DoggoCollar collar specifics

The colour of your dog’s accessories is important, but the materials, durability and ergonomics of the collar are the first things you should consider when choosing the perfect fit for your pet. You can read all about the DoggoCollar dog collar specifics here and below we listed the main strengths of the collar.


The DoggoCollar collars are made of polyester on the outside, neoprene on the inside and a magnetic buckle. Those materials ensure that the collars are durable and won’t wear out in time as opposed to nylon webbing that other collars are made of or even leather dog collars. DoggoCollar materials are highly hygienic and won’t get in the way of your dog adventures, making sure he/she stays healthy. The quick-release buckle makes it easy for you to put on and take off the collar.


The edges are smooth due to the discrete and well-hidden seams. They are perfect for more active dogs – they will not irritate your dog causing him/her to scratch and take off the collar.


If you prefer collars before dog harnesses, DoggoCollar is a great choice for your four-legged friend. The collar hardware endures up to 200 kilos of tension and it won’t snap or tear when your dog has a sudden burst of energy while being walked. Due to the soft materials and smooth edges, the collar is very comfortable for the dog and won’t harm him/her.


You can put any dog id tag on the collar with your and your dog’s information. The collar is also compatible with different dog leashes so you can have the perfect collar and lead combination – safe, convenient and stylish!

Choosing the perfect collar for your perfect dog

We know that the choice of a collar can be tough, with numerous combinations of brands, types and colours, you can spend days on the internet searching for The One. With DoggoCollar the only choice left to make is the colour.

We made a pretty strong case for the passionate, romantic, vigorous colour red – the ruby-coloured collar will seem like a piece of jewellery on your canine. And even though dogs can only see in black and white, they will know what a pretty accessory they have on.

Red is easily combined with many other colours making the collar and leash ensemble of your four-legged friend perfect. You can mix and match your leashes with any DoggoCollar collars creating the perfect dog outfit for every occasion – no matter if you prefer collars, harnesses or both, you can always make the perfect set for your walks in the park.

Since pictures speak louder than words, we selected a few photos of pups rocking red accessories – so why don’t you make your dog the next star amongst those fluffy ones:

Make your every walk a walk on the red carpet

The walks in the park can be intimidating and awkward sometimes – there are different dogs and owners – some of them are friends, others soon-to-be-friends. Get the confidence you and your dog need to conquer all the parks in your neighbourhood and walks around in a royal manner. You can even get a red scarf to make the perfect fabulous duo with your four-legged fluffy and your new marvellous matching outfits.

A dog’s collar is a great conversation starter and after reading this article you already know a lot about this one. Use it to break the ice with the fellow dog owner the next time your Dachshund is already sniffing his/her new best friend – the friendly Cane Corso.

If you want to make the red DoggoCollar dog collar the newest addition to your canine’s wardrobe, be sure to preorder it now. 

Our products are still not available for purchase but our online store will be here very soon.