Are you ready for the new generation of dog collars?

We are DoggoCollar and we are here to make your and your dog’s lives better! Our aim is to ensure that your four-legged family member is rocking their new collar. Providing dogs with all the comfort and security they need.

With the “dog-in-mind” design our collars are very comfortable for all breeds and sizes. Your dog will no longer try to take off his/her collar or scratch its way out of it.

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The reason we created DoggoCollar is to keep dogs safe and healthy. Our four-legged pals are more than just canines, they are part of our family. And we will do everything for our family.

We believe that good ideas come from a good team. This is why we assembled a team with a variety of skills, experience and opinions to work on the same task. Health, safety and comfort for the dogs are our main purposes.

Vets, dog trainers, marketing experts, engineers, biologists, dog owners and the dogs themselves worked hard to develop a high-quality product. We took into consideration different opinions and points of view. The professional advice of the experts and the thoughtful comments of the dog owners. Sometimes the ones who are closer to the dogs can truly understand their problems and needs.

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The process

The DoggoCollar dog collars are made according to the best practices defined by vets, dog trainers and other experts. Those practices are a result of long years of hard work developing products for dogs and examining the canines’ behaviour.

After we have done all our paperwork, the testing process begins. Our collars undergo a serious series of mechanical testing for durability, wear and reliability. After we have made sure that the collars are up to the standard we can proceed with the next steps.

Once the product has met our internal criteria, we go through the testing process again to gather more insights. We give a prototype to several dog owners to use in their everyday walks with their dogs. Then we take all of their feedback and make the corresponding adjustments in the final product.

The key to creating great dog collars is in gathering all the data and using it right. Dogs can not tell us if they like the collar they are wearing but they can show us. And the people who can read their signals are their owners. This is why our work with the dogs and their owners is a really important part of the process.

DoggoCollar collars are a result of the hard work of many different professionals. We gather a lot of data and insights from dog owners and their dogs and use it. We must follow every step of the process to have a high-quality product that the dogs will wear every day.

All of our products are exclusively made inside the European Union with great attention to detail.

The anatomy of DoggoCollar dog collars

We shared a lot about the process of the making of our collars, the people involved and our mission. Now we will look at the collar itself:

  • What is it made of?
  • What is its purpose?
  • How is it better than the collars we already know?

DoggoCollar dog collars are built to last. With high-end materials and dog-friendly technology, we created a product that ensures the dog’s comfort and safety. We use innovative materials that ensure durability, ergonomics and reliability and are easy to use and maintain. Our collars are also eco-friendly because we use as many recycled materials as possible.

The collars feature a polyester outer part, a neoprene inner part and a magnetic buckle. Those three components ensure that you can rely on the collar for safety, comfort and security.

The polyester outer part

For the outside of the collar, we use durable waterproof fabric to guarantee its long lifespan. This material is strong and withstands all weather conditions. It is often used for coverture of outside furniture or tourist backpacks, created for all-season adventures.

This means that your dog can take the collar through mud, rain, snow, puddles etc. and the collar will be unscratched. The games with the other dogs will also have no impact on the collar.

This fabric is also really lightweight and won’t get in the way of your dog’s everyday activities. Due to the thickness of the polyester, the collars are hard to damage, tear or even wear. Your dog can enjoy his/her collar and its qualities for a long time as the day it was brand new.

You will have no problem attaching an id tag with your and your dog’s information on this collar. It is really important to leave your phone number and your name in case someone finds your dog somewhere.

The neoprene inner part

The inner part of the collar is the most important part of the collar for your dog. It must ensure your pet’s comfort and safety. The neoprene is really soft and ergonomic and follows your dog’s movements. This means that he/she will continue to move freely while feeling comfortable.

Another plus of this fabric is that it is easily washed. The hygiene of your dog will remain as perfect as ever. If it gets dirty you can wash the collar with water and soap and it will be as good as new.

One of the best characteristics of this material is that it is easy to maintain. It is created to withstand water, snow, different weather conditions and a wide temperature range. Neoprene has wide commercial use in the sports, the electronics, the automobile and other industries. It is used in the pet industry too.

The edging and the stitching

The DoggoCollar dog collar seams are perfect. They are discrete and smooth and your dog will never know they are there. The whole collar is precisely sewed without any folds or rough edges that could irritate your pet.

The threads used for sewing the collar together are really strong and durable. They correspond with the overall durability of the collar. They will last as long as the other collar parts ensuring it has a long and fulfilling life.

The seams are also really well hidden and ensure a clean and pretty design. They are not easy to notice but do their work perfectly.

The collar hardware

The DoggoCollar hardware has been tested multiple times with different mechanics and can endure tension up to 200 kilos. When your dog is being walked on a leash and suddenly tries to run, the collar and the hardware will endure.

This is crucial when walking your dog in areas with a lot of other pets. Sometimes dogs will see something and try to chase it. You can easily hold him/her off without damaging the collar or the leash and without causing your dog any discomfort. The hardware ensures maximum security in case of heavy-duty.

The magnetic buckle

One of the most fascinating features of this collar is its magnetic buckle. We partnered up with Fidlock for the perfect final touch of the DoggoCollar dog collars. This buckle combines mechanical features with magnetic force making it easy to put on and take off.

This quick release buckle is innovative, secure and lightweight. It cannot snap open. Your dog cannot unbuckle it either. It ensures the comfort and security of the dog and it is really easy to use.

Our partners from Fidlock have long term experience in making buckles, locks and fasteners. They have maid parts for helmets, fashion accessories, sports tools and many more. They are certified by the highest criteria for durability and strength for equipment for bikers.

The DoggoCollar dog collars overall

Our collars will give you and your dog a feeling of safety, comfort and security. They are tested multiple times by machines, animal experts and dog owners. The collars are designed close to perfection suiting all dog-related needs.

If you are not sure what collar or a dog harness to choose for your dog, DoggoCollar is the right choice. The collar combines everything you and your dog needs – from durability through safety and security to comfort and stylishness. We are currently in the process of designing dog collars in several styles.

All components composing the collars are used for other purposes and other fields and are proven to be reliable. The outside fabric is durable, waterproof and lightweight often used for furniture and backpacks for travelling in extreme conditions. The inside neoprene cover is comfortable and hygienic – exactly what is needed for a dog collar and a deep-diving suit. And the buckle is a high-end magnetic lock used for motorcycling equipment.

Using all those top-notch materials we make sure that your dog gets the best he/she deserves. There is no need to invent new technology when we can just repurpose an existing one. We make partnerships with the best in different fields to create a high-end dog collar.

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Are you searching for a small dog or a large dog collar? DoggoCollar collars will be the perfect choice for your pet. With their “one size fits all” they are perfect for chihuahuas, terriers, even Newfoundlands.

The DoggoCollar dog collar is currently in development and will be here very soon! Do you want you and your dog to be amongst the first ones to have it? Preorder it now and get it on launch day!