Our mission at DoggoCollar is to keep dogs alive, healthy and reduce stress on dog owners. We are developing a smart dog collar that will include advanced GPS & health tracking capabilities, as well as connect dog owners with vets if the dog exhibits abnormal behavior that could be an early indicator of a disease.

The pet industry is undergoing an explosive growth attributed to the rise of smart tech, the rising prominence of ecommerce in the pet market and the changing demographics of pet owners. The growing popularity of ecommerce sales, as opposed to traditional brick & mortar sales and the fact that Millennials are the largest segment of dog owners in 2021 presents an enormous opportunity for rapid growth internationally. As opposed to other demographics, Millennials are predisposed to regard their dogs as “part of their family”. That necessitates a monitoring tool that ensures the pet dog’s location and health is regularly observed.

Backed by two VC funds and a team of dog trainers, software specialists, marketing experts and hardware manufacturers, DoggoCollar is in active development and we are launching our prototype soon.